I always knew you'd be the one to understand me, I guess that's why it took so long to get things right..



Create a world of eggs with the eggy tableware series designed by Rika Eguchi. Each piece conveys a realistic perfectly cracked egg. You thought those raw eggs were real didn’t you?


just buy them. just fuckign buy the egg furniture cover your entire house with glass eggs. cook omlettes on your enemies. splatter your loved ones with raw fucking egg and on christmas eve what should you get for yourself??? egg furniture, that’s what. i give up. i giv eu p i’m done i’m so fucking

"I think the reason why I play the way I do is probably because I never feel good. I’m always trying to spite myself. It’s not an emotional thing, it’s a physical thing — I always feel tired and run down [..] The only time I really feel good is when I just get offstage because I think I must have sweated everything out. It’s the one time I don’t feel sick anymore.”



just because you dont like being around black people doesnt makes you racist jfc

yeah it

yeah it really does